Family Law in Texas

Garcia Family Law provides you with superior legal representation

Family law issues can be complicated and overwhelming to face alone. It is impossible not to be emotionally invested in your case and sometimes it is difficult to assess the situation objectively. When children are involved, the situation becomes exponentially more complex. It is essential to have a strong and knowledgeable advocate to protect your interests and obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

Garcia Family Law is a boutique law firm focused exclusively on family law matters. We primarily serve Harris and Montgomery county in Texas including Humble, Spring, the Woodlands, Huffman, Porter, and Conroe.

Divorce Law

We specialize in handling divorce and child custody matters and staff your case with a team of attorneys and experts who will maximize your likelihood of success.

Our firm is based on three central tenets: (1) compassion, (2) transparency, and (3) advocacy. We work tirelessly to help you reach the best solution in the shortest amount of time.

We handle both amicable and contentious family law matters and work with you to find a cost-effective, expeditious resolution to your case. Although most cases are resolved through settlement negotiations and mediations, our team has substantial trial experience in complex marital and family law matters. We have substantial resources are to provide premier legal representation in all of our locations. That said, we retain a “small firm feel” to allow for individualized attention for each client’s case.

Child Custody & Spousal Support

In the state of Texas, divorce will ultimately resolve many issues including how your assets and debts are divided, child custody and support, spousal support and what type of parenting plan is best suited for your family situation. The team at Garcia Family Law investigates every facet of your financial and family circumstance and advises you on the topics that need to be addressed to initiate and finalize your divorce. There are several process options for resolving your divorce case- traditional litigation, mediation or other settlement methods, Collaborative Divorce and uncontested divorces. Selecting the correct process can be depleting and confusing. We aim to empower and inform our clients so that they choose the best path for their specific case.

Your children are the most important part of your life and the decisions you make in your family law case will affect them forever. Ideally, both parents want to work together and stay involved and open-minded about decisions impacting their children’s health, education and welfare. In those situations, the parties are able to come to a joint custody agreement. However, when parents cannot come to a joint custody agreement, the court must award sole custody to one of the parents. That parent will have final say in non-emergency medical care for the children, where the children attend school and the religious education they receive. The team at Garcia Family Law provides you with sound legal advice to help you achieve your goals.

Although our attorneys always work towards an amicable solution, when that is not possible, we are prepared to litigate fervently on your behalf. We have tried complex cases and contested divorces across the state of Texas. Regardless of the case, our objective remains the same: to allow you to walk away from the process with the judgment or settlement that serves your best interests.

We extend the invitation to contact Patricia Garcia to schedule a consultation. Our goal is to help you understand both your rights and responsibilities