Navigating the legal system can be tough.

Garcia Family Law prides itself on the quality of communication and compassion for its clients. We treat our clients with honesty, empathy and integrity, while fiercely advocating for their best interests.

We take this business seriously, and it shows.

Family Law Attorney in Humble, TX

Patricia established Garcia Family Law in 2010 as she was raising her family. She understands that family is sacred. Thus, in helping her clients, she ensures that the client and the client’s family is always the primary focus.

Patricia and her team understand that family problems are the most stressful events for most people. Compassion and transparency are necessary to help the client through their life events.

The Garcia Family Law team offers a listening ear as they prepare the client’s case to guarantee the best outcome for their clients.


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    • Lorena
      Mrs. Billings from the beginning of the divorce was very compassionate with an outstanding knowledge. For me it was not an easy step it was emotionally difficult but her and her team made it extremely helpful through the divorce process. She will tell you what you may not want to hear but she explains clearly options on how to proceed to get a better outcome. I'm happy with the results and would highly recommend her services to anyone. I'm a much stronger person and part of it it's because of her!
    • Cliff
      Patricia Garcia picked up my case in the middle of my divorce and I’m glad she did. Patricia Garcia made it less stressful and explained everything in detail. My case went exactly as she explained.
    • Tracy
      Listening is an art, deciphering your message or needs when working through a divorce is critical to achieving your desired result. Patricia has mastered this art which leads to a swift decisive finish. Divorce is difficult and having a great advocate that listens will set you mind at ease. She set me at ease during my divorce process and I trusted her knowledge to get the job done right. I highly recommend The Patricia Garcia Family Law.
    • Matt
      "Mrs. Billings is a tireless lawyer who was unshakeable in the face of adversity vs. my ex's lawyer. Her and her staff were always organized and always ready for every hearing. She took the time to hear my problems and gave very honest, real advice - even when it wasn't what I wanted to hear."
    • Michael
      "Patricia Garcia Billings has helped me through a difficult process with life and the legal system. If you are in need of legal services, I highly recommend her and her team. Attorney Billings is professional and through. Her team is efficient and supportive. Give them a call."
    • Veronica
      "Mrs. Billings and her staff were very professional and very nice. She was very upfront about what she could do and what couldn't be done. My divorce was a complicated one and she made sure to make me feel at ease. Thank you, Patricia for what you do and for taking on my complicated divorce case."