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Garcia Family Law provides you with superior legal representation

The Billing Law’s office in Huffman, Texas focuses primarily on two areas of family law: child custody and divorce cases. We are a specialized boutique firm focused solely on family law and believe in quality of representation over quantity. Our skilled advocates craft creative, legal solutions and work tirelessly on your behalf. Texas family law can be complex and overwhelming, but the team at Garcia Family Law simplifies the process and provides clarity amidst the confusion. We provide objective feedback and guidance on your case, removing some of the emotion from an extremely charged situation. We understand the challenges that you are experiencing while going through the divorce or child custody process and give you peace of mind that your needs are being taken care of. While we are adept at settling cases, our team has the knowledge, skills and determination to win even the most difficult cases in court. Our legal mastery and can-do attitude provide the highest level of protection and assurance necessary to achieve the outcomes you desire-and the bright new future you deserve. Your security, stability and well-being are our paramount concerns.

Divorce Law & Child Custody

Divorce Law

When you are facing a difficult situation, you need an experienced attorney who understands your needs. We support you throughout the entire process, listening to your concerns and interests and working in unison with you to formulate a plan. We realize that anxiety runs high during divorce proceedings and are available to answer every question you may have.

We provide the most comprehensive and individualized attention to every client’s unique situation. At Garcia Family Law, we aim to provide the most expeditious and cost-effective solution to our clients' cases in Humble, Spring, the Woodlands, Huffman, Porter, and Conroe. Mediating or negotiating a divorce is highly preferred because it saves both parties time, money and unnecessary emotional strain. That said, it is not always possible to come to an amicable resolution. In these cases, Garcia Family Law is ready and able to advocate on your behalf and make sure that your interests are protected.

Child Custody

Child custody is the most emotional and stressful aspect of Texas family law. Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling custody cases and we have the experience to help you protect your children and get the outcome you want. Ideally, parents would agree on decisions regarding how their children are raised and cared for. In these cases, the parents would share “joint custody.” Unfortunately, child custody issues are often contentious, in which case the court needs to intervene and grant one parent sole legal custody. The decisions made about your child(ren)’s health and well-being will significantly impact you and them for the rest of their lives. The team at Garcia Family Law has the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your desired results.

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