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Garcia Family Law provides you with superior legal representation

The Garcia Family Law office in Porter, Texas is committed to securing the best results for its clients while limiting the emotional and economic strain that can accompany the resolution of family law matters. Garcia Family Law prides itself on delivering comprehensive and knowledgeable representation to clients dealing with divorce or child custody issues. Texas family law can be complex and overwhelming, but the team at Garcia Family Law simplifies the process and provides clarity amidst the confusion. We understand the challenges that you are experiencing while going through the divorce or child custody process and give you peace of mind that your needs are being taken care of. While we are adept at settling cases, our team has the knowledge, skills, and determination to win even the most difficult cases in court. Our legal mastery and can-do attitude provide the highest level of protection and assurance necessary to achieve the outcomes you desire-and the bright new future you deserve. Your security, stability and well-being are our paramount concerns.

Divorce Law & Child Custody

We focus primarily on two areas of family law: child custody and divorce cases. Our skilled advocates will craft creative, legal solutions and work tirelessly on your behalf. We are a specialized boutique firm focused solely on family law and believe in quality of representation over quantity. Garcia Family Law offers high-quality legal services that you can rely upon to look after your best interests. In every case, client satisfaction is our #1 objective.

Divorce Law

We are fully aware of how high the stakes are in divorce cases. Whether you have a high conflict or high net worth case ahead of you or are seeking a collaborative process, Garcia Family Law has the expertise necessary to secure your future. Going through a divorce can be a very difficult and confusing process. However, it is essential to acknowledge that the details of your final divorce settlement are likely to impact you and your family for decades to come.

Garcia Family Law provide its clients with clarity and confidence so that you can make the decisions that are truly in your best interests. Many times, divorce can be settled without the need to go to court. Mediating or negotiating a divorce is highly preferred because it saves both parties time, money and unnecessary emotional strain. That said, it is not always possible to come to an amicable resolution. In these cases, Garcia Family Law is ready and able to advocate on your behalf and make sure that your interests are protected.

Child Custody

It is fair to say that your children are the most important part of your life. The importance of hiring an attorney knowledgeable about the nuances of child custody arrangements cannot be understated- most of our clients are based in Humble, Spring, the Woodlands, Huffman, Porter, or Conroe. Parents in Texas either share “joint custody” or one parent has sole custody. Custody determines which parent or parents have decision-making power regarding how the child(ren) are raised and cared for. The decisions made about your child(ren)’s health and well-being will significantly impact you and them for the rest of their lives. The team at Garcia Family Law has extensive experience in navigating these issues and achieving successful outcomes for their clients.

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